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Program your own serious game about current scientific issues

The Science Year 2016/17 is about seas and oceans. The Ocean Game Jam will find new ways to communicate these topics to the public on a playful level.

We will come together for one weekend in Berlin (20th-21st May) and one in Cologne (10th-11th June) and invite game developers, scientists, journalists and everybody interested in the topic or format to join us.

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Game Jam
Seas & Oceans
In the Science Year about seas and oceans we want to work with you on urgent scientific issues such as.:
  • pollution of the oceans
  • overfishing
  • resource exploitation

A Game Jam gives you the opportunity to meet new people and talk, think and work on interesting issues. This Game Jam is special, because it focuses on an urgent environmental topic. We want to create a bridge between scientific approaches and the creative work of game developing. In the end it is about how to communicate serious topics in a playful way.

Impressions from the Ocean Game Jam in Berlin

Who can participate?

  • Programmers and coders

  • Scientists

  • Gamers

  • Designers

  • Students

Why should you participate?

  • Meet interesting people

  • Discuss current topics

  • Get in contact with journalists or new cooperation partner

  • Inspire others with your games

  • The best games will get a surprise

Cooperation partners

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